Putting People First

Our Concept - Your People

Heart Relocation is committed to delivering a best in class executive relocation experience through a dedicated single point of contact utilising both state of the art technology and good old fashioned customer service. We empower our consultants to make decisions, work independently and creatively to ensure that the relocation goes without a hitch. 

What's the difference?

It's simple, relocation is stressful, even if you have done it many times before. Our mission is to remove that stress by providing a concierge level experience through a dedicated single point of contact. No matter where in the world your employee is being relocated to they will be proactively supported and guided through the process by their dedicated consultant. 

Little touches that make the difference

Our experienced consultants will do everything they can to make your assignees experience better, from completing forms and paperwork on their behalf to proactively liaising with our partners to ensure that no detail is missed and no opportunity to exceed your assignees expectations is ignored. We even create a dedicated WhatsApp group for each assignee and their family to ensure that they have constant and instant access to Heart Relocation as part of our mission to Put People First.

with added WELLNESS

Heart Relocation understand that there are some key areas that are likely to create stressful moments for a relocating family sometimes minor events can open the door to extreme reactions which seem disproportionate to the identified problem but may well be related to another more challenging problem. We understand that the success of an assignment relies more heavily on the wellness of the assignee and their family than the simple mechanics of moving them and their “things” to a new location. Assignment success or return of investment in the assignment is measured by how effective the assignee has been at delivering to the assignment objectives and we believe that is goes without saying that a stress free assignee and family will be more focused and engaged on work and delivering to those objectives.

Heart Relocation have woven wellness into the very fabric of our assignment management experience to ensure that our consultants as well as the assignee appreciate  and manage the challenges that they will face on their journey.